Play your own murder mystery game at home or at the office party  or virtually on line with a mystery game.  Each Game  includes a host manual with simple, easy-to-follow instructions,  a sample invitation, parts for 6-8 people and of course, the solution. Everything you need to hold your very own murder mystery party.     $30 per game   

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The winner of a Pickleball tournament was shot to death.  Who is guilty?

No one will know, not even the murderer, until the last minute.

Was it another jealous player, the pickleball coach, the fiance, the tournament sponsor or someone else?  Each player becomes one of the characters; the game includes the host manual and instructions, the parts for seven characters and the detective and the solution.

  MURDER ON THE SET  (8 players)

The LMM Movie studio is shooting a movie and....

someone is going to be shot.

The star of the movie Reasons For Crime was poisoned while rehearsaing a new movie and you and your guests are invited to become one of the characters and try to solve his murder?  Are you the jealous understudy, the glamorous, has-been actress, thehometown sweetheart, the noted psychic, the dangerous gambler or the director/detective who is determinted to solve the murder.  People are "dying" to participate.


A noted chef just won the lottery but, is murdered after hosting a party to celebrate.  The guests (and suspects) include his greedy fiance, the psychic who told him the winning lottery numbers, the dangerous casino owner who organized the lottery, the feared restaurant critic, the chef's twin brother who needs money and a reporter is trying to solve the crime and needs your help 



The time is 1928 with flappers, the charleston, gambling and prohibition,  Big Charlie, the owner of the Big C. Nightclub, was found stabbed to death in his office. Bubbles, the hostess at the big C. is trying to solve the crime. Whodunit?  Was it Dollye Day the dancer or Max the bouncer?  Was it the crafty state SenatorTom or Jewel Jones, the long-time fiance or was it the bootlegger or the law student or....??? Wear a costume, become one of the characters and help Bubbles find the murderer.


               INVITATION TO MURDER (for 6 players)

 You are attending a party; there is music, laughter, dancing and suddenly, loud screams and a gun shot!  Aa glmorous television star  was murdered and it's up to you, playing one of the characters, to solve the crime.  Will you play the part of the ruthles director or the ambitious understudy, the mysterious psychic or the greedy twin or the jealous fiance or...will you be the reporter who is trying to solve the crime?       You will have information to share, questions to ask and accusations to make; one of you is guilty but no one, not even the murderer,wiil  know whodunit  until the last minute.         

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a fun and unusual way to say...



Each card has an original mystery which the reader can

try to solve before reading the solution on the back.

Each set includes 4 cards with envelopes, a greeting and the mystery

$20 per set

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